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Wild Card entry in Bigg Boss 8: Ali Quli Mirza is able to create a rift in house?

By on October 15, 2014

This season is highly packed with emotion so to change the wave of House, Bigg Boss decides to open the cards and bring a new brand face from outside world.


This season Ali Quli Mirza, Dubai based singer and actor is going to come as wild Card contestants. Let welcome him to see new twists and controversies in the house. He will be soon seen in Kamal Sadanah’s movie ‘Roar’ as guest appearance.


During his interview, he says that his entry will rock the show and raise the excitement levels of audience and inmates.


He is already familiar with Sonali Raut, Arya Babbar and Upen patel. But the most important question is “ He might be able to create a gap among the budding relationship in contestants  ”


He discloses his emotions and said “Bigg Boss, this year, has been really unexpected and so I am nervous about how it will work out for me. While it is true that I am familiar with some of the contestants, they have an edge over me since they have already been living in the house for over 3 weeks now. I am only going inside with the hopes of making some new friends. Let’s see how it works out!”


Ali Quli Mirza is quite excited and wants to change the equations between the inmates. Let’s see how Sonali, Upen and Arya greet him when he comes or take him as a competitor. So get tune with us and watch online Bigg Boss 8.

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