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Why Mandana Karimi didn’t expose her skin in Bigg Boss 9: Exposed

By on January 28, 2016

New Delhi: Mandana Karimi may have astonishing looks and a wonderful fit body, but she still she feel short of responsibility skin show in Big Boss 9 unlike actress Veena Malik and Nora Fatehi who soar the temperature inside the house.

She revealed why she didn’t do it inside the Bigg Boss house.

“That’s not what populace want. Dekho, aap jab picture mein kaam karte hai, it depends aapka audience kya chahta hai. Drama picture hai toh aap drama karenge, action hai toh action karenge aur agar adult comedy hai toh bold scenes yeh sab karenge.

But Bigg Boss jo show hai, it’s about your personality. It’s about who you are and I was just being honest. Me being rude wasn’t for TRP. Four months in the house, you are out into situations that demand reactions. There were people who would bitch about you behind your back. But I always said it on face that dude, I don’t like you. So I was just being myself,” she told Bollywood Life.

”Coz I was covered. Agar main two piece mein hoti toh nahi karte edit. So maine jo kiya hai poora TRP ke liye nahi kiya hai. I appreciated Colors for taking me in the show. Why you are in the show ? To entertain people. Simple. For example, Nora’s way to entertain was by falling in love. She even said that on the stage right? But my way was only to be myself. I wanted to play Mandana, that’s it,” she added.

Bollywood debutant Mandana Karimi is supreme on confidence after her stint in Bigg Boss. She is so confident in her skin that she doesn’t even want to be emulating anybody.

The actress said in the next few years, she will be as successful as Katrina and other actresses.

“I don’t want to be the next anyone. I believe that everyone is different. Katrina is a massively successful person and she has worked hard to reach the spot. I have faith and I believe I will be as successful as her and many others in the industry,” Bollywood life quoted a national daily.


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