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Who is going to host Bigg Boss 8– Salman or King Khan ? Fans are eagerly waiting for the opening ceremony

By on July 7, 2014

This year Bigg Boss 8 is coming with a rumor- who is going to host this reality show – Salman or Sharukh khan. Till last year, People wandered who are bigg boss final contestants and now the time to think about host also.

Is this a publicity stunt or really we are not going to see salman khan this time.

Might be this is not a rumor but a true news, since, the Sallu bhai  seen least bother about season 8 and even during his last show, ample of time he convey message that might be not continue anchoring in next series. He believe that lots of fans criticized him for favoring his co-stars sister and bollywood actress Tanisha Mukherji


No doubt, salman khan hosting is unmatched but now what to do , the producer has to compromise somewhere, therefore he approach King Khan after the refusal of Ranbir Kapoor.

Sharukh Khan has already hosted it but now its real time to step into the shoes of popular bollywood star and favoutie host– Salman Khan.

Shallu Bhai has put out his hands from the show as he is really get lot of complains and criticism for favoring his friends sister.

Producer is wandering how to start this show without the real fire of show. Without doubt, it is fact that most of the people watch this show due to their favorite actor.

As adverse effect, most of controversial issue are waiting outside since, a ultimate competition is again going to start instigating a cold war more rifer and deeper between both of stars

Let’s wait and watch to see how season 8 rock the stage……………………………..

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