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The Bigg Boss 8: Move on with 15 feasible Contestants List

By on July 26, 2014

Very soon, other channels are going to lose enormous amount of audience and TRP, since people get interests into something new. Are you surprise why? Well, the popular reality show of color television, Bigg Boss 8, is coming back with lots of controversy and entertainment. With different theme and idea, Bigg Boss 8 includes untouched drama; fanatical love stories and a lot more sizzling personality await you on the small screen. But before the show rock the stage, look a glance at celebrities who are predicted to come into sight in the show as participators.

1. Shiney Ahuja
Shiney Ahuja- a long-time straggler turn out into best actor, it is right time for him to comeback. With a contentious past and joblessness position, this reality show can let out a new life to his career.

Shiney Ahuja

2. Lulia Vantur
Lulia is supposed to be dating none other than Dabangg Hero Salman Khan. How interesting it is seeing both Salman Khan and Lulia at same platform.

Lulia Vantur
3. Alok Nath
After,  gathering good popularity from Internet as Babuji and Sanskaari jokes trending on social Network sites; it was quite good for Alok Nath to become a element of this drama.

4. Poonam Pandey
Poonam is ideal character for such a controversial reality show as she is always invove in the controversy. Aha! How should post hot and sexy pics over networking sites for 3 months?


5. Hansika Motwani
Hansika Motwani turns out her image from a sweet child to bold actress. Now-a-days, she is a leading female in Southern cinema, Hansika walk a long way to make herself ready for reality TV debut. It will be amusing to look at hottie warming the environment and boost TRP.

6. Shaan
Sweet Bengali rasgulla, Shaan is also likely to be a part of the reality show. Let see the expressive singer takes how much time to lose his sweetness when he face rudeness and roughness in the house.

7. Rajneesh Duggal
A sweet model and winner of Grasim Mr. India can assure to bring entertainment on the show?

8. Deepika Singh
An ideal bahu now turn out into a rigid police inspector Sandhya (aka Deepika) thought for reality stunt and publicity on her mind. Is this is a way to acquire an entry pass  for Bollywood?


9. Bharti Singh
Bharti is high-flying drama and frenziedly tamasha, it will be quite entertaining to see her on controversial floor. Various situations check her sense of humour, hope she doesn’t lose it in controversies and quirky atmosphere.

10. Ameesha Patel
Even after sexy poses, the gorgeous actress image of Ameesha Patel diminish, might be this reality show can again spread her charm and magic over audience.

 11. Shanti Dynamite
She ranks 50 in the list of Sexiest Women of Asia by British newspaper Eastern Eye. However, Shanti is leading personality promoting sex education, various AIDS awareness programs and involve in adults’ music plays. She is also popular as “ First Indian playboy girl”.
12. Karan Tacker
Another leading small screen star, at present showing his performance on another trendy dance show. Will Karan Tacker be able to win the heart of ladies inside the Bigg Boss house?

13 &14. Gurmeet Choudhary and Debina
After seeing, Apurva and Shilpa spelling magical and lovely moments on TV screen, it’s time to greet another popular sweet couple. Wait for bigg boss 2014 starting date to see the Gurmeet and Debina on TV screen after spreading magic together over Khatron Ke Khiladi.

15. Sunil Grover
widespread rumors state that comedian Sunil Grover may also seen on Bigg Boss season 8 floors.

If this is true list, then we are not going to miss even a single moment of episode.

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