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Taslima Nasreen turns down offer for 'Bigg Boss 8'

By on August 5, 2014

Forget the speculation on who will be in Bigg Boss 8, we now know about one for sure who wouldn’t be in it. Taslima Nasreen on Sunday tweeted that she had politely first — and then impolitely — turned down a request from Colours TV Channel to be a part of Bigg Boss this Season.

Nasreen awaits the extension of her residential permit, set to expire on August 17, and has already met union home minister Rajnath Singh to extend her stay in India, beyond the now two-month tourist visa given to her.


“Colors TV Channel called. Wants me in Bigg Boss 8. I politely refused. Said, ‘u’ll get chance 2 show urslf 2 world & u’ll get money’. Then I impolitely refused,” Nasreen tweeted on Sunday 3 – 8 – 2014.

There was no independent confirmation from Colours TV channel on this. Later speaking to ToI, Nasreen said, “I have seen the programme fleetingly. It is entertaining but it is definitely not within my range of interest.

They tried to convince me but I turned down the proposal. As it is I am very reluctant with this TV shows. I hardly attend any, even if it is a panel discussion.

They proposed a big remuneration but I declined. Even they had offered me to propagate my idea of women’s rights in the show, but still as it did not gel with my ethos, I am not participating in it.”

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