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Rimi Sen eliminated from the show: Bigg Boss 9 News

By on December 1, 2015

Actress Rimi Sen’s spell in Bigg Boss Season 9 has allegedly come to an end. As per rumors doing the rounds, the Bollywood actress has been eliminate from the reality show on the basis of low voting.

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Rimi Sen, one of the most beautiful contestants of the big boss 9 season, survive seven weeks regardless of unwillingly participate in the tasks, breaking rules, disrespecting the show and always droning about inadequate to quit the show. She was often seen bad mouth Bigg Boss.

Her aversion to join in tasks was a matter of constant anger for the housemates. Her egoism and daring touched a new low when the housemates lost their entire lavishness budget due to her non-participation and instead of feeling apologetic, she laughed off the sentence.

Now, the entwine in the show comes when Salman says that one of the bags contain ‘X2′ amount which if held on to till the last minute will multiply the amount. No one knows which bag contains X2. Mandana Karimi becomes the first one to give up the task and it is later revealed that her bag contained X2 amount and this enrages the other contestants.

Bollywood actor Rimi Sen is out of Bigg Boss 9, according to reports. Probably the least favoured candidate both in the house and outside it, Rimi has been the favourite for eviction nominations for a while now.

The actor has been in the line of fire of the housemates for a long time as she showed little interest in performing any of the assigned tasks. Even Salman Khan scolded Rimi for not showing any interest.

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