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Pridicted list of contestent in Bigg Boss 8, Bigg Boss 2014

By on July 12, 2014

Here is a Pridicted list of contestant in Bigg Boss 8 which you would probably see in this season:

1: Nisha Yadav

She is from North India, and is invited to be one of the contestants for Bigg Boss Season 8. She has recently made her debut in some of the regional films. She wants to become a Bolywood actor. She did a nude photo-shoot to protest flooding in mega cities like Mumbai.

2. Hansika Motwani

With her sexy curves and voluptuous body, this south star can be a sexy entrance in the seasons 8 of Bigg Boss.

3. Alok Nath

Alok Nath can provide the much needed gyan and sanskar in the house. His presence is assumed to have some positive effect on the participants of the show. He is on the top of the Pridicted list of contestent in Bigg Boss 8.

4. Sunil Grover

He is popular for his character as Gutthi in the Comdey Nights with Kapil. Also famous for the controversy with Kapil and then left the show.

5. Shaan

This sweet melodious singer who is known to have a very down to earth personality can be part of the Bigg Boss season 8.

No list has been officially announced yet and there are just the predictions.

Nisha Yadav bb8

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