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OMG! Rishabh Sinha Being SEXUAL with Priya Malik on Bigg Boss 9 House?

By on November 24, 2015

Stuff are being paid really mean on Bigg Boss 9 House! We saw how Big Brother hottie Priya Malik entered the show as the new wild card last night!

Everyone was shocked when they saw her in the house as she was the same one who had monitored their bitchy nominations for this ongoing week ! But tonight the scene is going to get even worse!

You’ll be surprised but fame greedy Rishabh Sinha will literally be seen defeat Priya’s hand during the next luxury budget task! Yes, can you believe it?

The new lavishness budget job is essentially about milking a cow where one team collects the milk and the other has to stop them from doing so!

Now that’s what we understood from the appetizer that was shown last night! But what came as an unexpected twist was when we saw Rishabh leaving an extra mile and creation sexual advance towards Priya during the task.

This episode will be aired tonight where Priya will be seen milking the cow and Rishabh from the conflicting team, will lick Priya’s finger, in his effort to stop her from drama the job! Now how unappealing can this get? Like badly? Is the show being so hungry for TRP?

Naturally, Priya will not go easy on this! She’ll lash out at Rishabh and create a whole fuss about how Rishabh tried getting sexual with her! Will Priya slap him for doing so? Will Rishabh apologise?

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