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Nora Fatehi denies dating Bigg Boss winner Prince Narula

By on January 29, 2016

Prince Narula, who won controversial show “Bigg Boss 9″, has been quite vocal about his relationship with co-contestant Nora Fatehi.

In a recent interview with PTI, Prince, who proposed to Nora on the reality show, admitted that he is dating Nora and that they are trying to know each other well.

“I am with Nora. We are dating each other and trying to know each other more… She is similar to me and she came on the show at a time when I was feeling low. She boosted my confidence and supported me. In such a house, when someone is nice to you, it is easy to get attracted,” Prince said. 

Contradicting Prince’s statement, his “love interest” Nora said that they are not dating.

Although the Moroccan beauty admits that she is fond of the “Bigg Boss 9″ winner and is happy for him, she cleared the air claiming that she didn’t respond to Prince’s proposal in the house.

“Forget about a relationship, we are not even dating! I made it very clear to him and everyone on multiple occasions inside the house that we are not a couple and that we will see what happens once the show is over. And he understood this.

We haven’t even discussed our status and haven’t spent time together to even take such a step as he has just come out of the house. Yes, we are fond of each other. I did not respond to his proposal or his love letter in the house,” Nora told TOI.


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