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List of Bigg Boss Season 10 Contestants, Photos, Controversy, Streaming

By on July 11, 2016

Bigg Boss Season 10 is on the bang with its new style of combining the common people and celebs

together on one stage and in one home. They are going to be isolated there for around three and a half

months. They are being locked in a house having cameras all around them 24*7.

The house is being made far away from Mumbai and which is so beautiful from inside and it is built

according to the theme of the show as in every season it changes according to the themes and

contestants of Bigg Boss.

The Bigg Boss Season 10 Contestants list is in the air with so many rumors of participants like Sunil

Grover, Mahi vij, Arshi khan and many more these all are just the predictions but exact contestant list

has not been listed yet and it will soon be going to announced officially further then it will be updated


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