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‘Kya Jazbaati sawaal poochhaa hai,’ says Salman Khan about Aish

By on October 1, 2015

‘Bigg Boss 9’ has frequently proved to be a good platform for actors to promote their forthcoming films. With the reality show slated to go on air from Oct 11 and Aish‘s return with film, ‘Jazbaa’ releasing on 9th October, one wondered if Aishwarya and team would endorse their film on ‘Bigg Boss 9’?

However, when Sallu was asked about former girlfriend Aishwarya appear on his show to promote her movie, Salman at the start pretended not to hear the question

The subject was frequently ask with so much passion that the Dabang 2 star couldn’t pretend not hearing it. Unfortunately, Sallu duck the question in his own matchless way. “Kya Jazbaati sawaal poocha hai,” exclaimed Salman signaling the end of the press conference.




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