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Good News for Salman Khan Fans !!

By on December 10, 2015

An Bombay high court acquitted Bollywood star Salman Khan on Thursday in a drunken-driving, hit-and-run case from more than a decade ago.

The Bombay High Court threw out an earlier conviction and five-year sentence given the 49-year-old actor.

“The trial court’s verdict is quashed and set aside,” Justice A.R. Joshi said in reading the verdict to a crowded courtroom, according to Press Trust of India news agency. “Salman is acquitted of all charges.”

The judges said in a ruling that was read over several days that prosecutors had failed to prove charges accusing Khan of driving while intoxicated in 2002 and running over five men sleeping on a sidewalk, killing one of them.

Khan reportedly broke down in tears once the verdict was read. He was accompanied in court Thursday by a bodyguard and family members.

The Bombay High Court on Thursday said that Salman khan can not be convicted on the basis of evidence submitted by the prosecution. Justice A R Joshi, who heard Khan’s appeal against the five-year sentence awarded to him by a sessions court on May 6, said that the prosecution has failed to establish its case against the appellant accused (Salman Khan) on all charges.

There were several infirmities and improvements in the testimony of witnesses, including the injured, and star prosecution witness deceased constable Ravindra Patil.

In May, a lower court convict him of culpable killing and sentence him to five years in jail for driving over and killing a man sleeping on a roadway.

But the appeal judge ruled there was not sufficient proof.

Salman Khan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, appear in more than 80 Hindi films, and has a huge fan following.

It was only when the judge insist that Salman Khan must be there before the verdict was read out, that the actor hurried to the court in south Mumbai on Thursday, the BBC’s Yogita Limaye reports from Mumbai.


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