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Ex-Bigg Boss Star VJ Andy and Ali Quli Mirza make “double trouble” in ! Bigg Boss 9 House

By on November 4, 2015

Bigg Boss hasn’t rather been able to match up to the prospect yet. With no Hangama or entertainment event inside the house, the show is now trying to up their TRP.

How? Answer is here; first, by introducing a wild card contestant Rishabh Sinha who, precise from his entry, has been concerned in fights and is creating trouble for each person inside. Secondly, now Bigg Boss has introduce this week’s lavishness funds task which will have ex-Bigg Boss participant making the contestants’ lives hell.

How? “They are going to be participating in a hotel task. The home will be renewed into hotel Bigg Boss 9 and the housemates will also be assigned different roles.

While Mandana and Rishabh will be the hotel guests, the rest of the housemates will be the staff and Prince will be the manager,” revealed our source.

But there’s an attractive grasp, one that will absolutely cause a lot of double trouble for the contestant. “The visitors are allowed to make any demand and the staff has to comply.

Creating a lot of rifts and drama, this episode of Bigg Boss 9 “Double Trouble” may be trouble for the staff team, but is full of amusement for viewers,” assured our source from the production team.



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