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Day of embarrassment and harassment. Is this a season of many EWWs in BIGG BOSS 9 House

By on November 5, 2015

Mumbai:  This episode begins with Rochelle conversation to Prince saying why only Mandana is being punished for not doing kitchen work while Yuvika is also guilty of the same. True to his nature, Rishabh interfere in between and an quarrel occurs.

Next day, the housemates wake up with the poisonous ‘Khoon Choosle’ alarm. At breakfast time, Rishabh is taking to Yuvika and Rishabh tells her that her image on national TV is portrayed as spineless.


The Bigg Boss 9 house turns into a hotel – BB9 where the housemates take action like staffs and attend to the visitors of the house. Mandana and Rishabh are the guests and Prince plays the Boss. Everybody else is the hotel staff. It is the duty of the Boss to ensure that the guests have a enjoyable stay and all their needs are fulfilled.

Now, Mandana and Rishabh perform the game plan. Rishabh becomes immediately demanding and makes Kishwer give him a shoulder massage and also takes a foot massage from Suyyash. On the other hand, Mandana makes Rimi and Rochelle give her a pedicure and manicure. Then Sargun Mehta joins as guest and teams up with Mandana and Rishabh to make housemates duty even tougher. According to Sargun, the house lacked amusement and hence she makes the staff sing and dance for her.

The Boss and the staff had to make sure that the guests had a lovely stay in their hotel.

Being aware of the team’s strength and weaknesses, Mandana and Rishabh strong-willed to harass three of the inmates — Kishwer Merchantt, Suyyash Rai and Digangana Suryavanshi — to such an extent that they give up.

They incessantly asked Kishwer to serve up them juice and infuriated by their repeated demands, Kishwer, at one point of time, put the ice cubes in her mouth before adding them to the plateful glass.

Suyyash and Kishwer were made to be active like dogs and fetch the bones thrown by Rishabh. This made Prince furious, who has now vowed to take revenge.

The introduction of the next episode saw previous season’s contestants VJ Andy and Ali Quli Mirza entering the hotel as guests. They were seen demanding that the hotness quotient of the hotel be raised and asked Keith Sequeira and Rochelle to perform a steamy pool dance.


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