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Bigg Boss Season 9 second promo out! Confusing the Audience

By on September 12, 2015

Bigg Boss 9 first promo gets released at 10th September. The promo reveals that the theme will be “double trouble”.

As per the sources “ It will be the series of real based life partners who will together manage the various tasks of Bigg Boss.

So, it will be double or twin who trouble each other to complete their allotted task.

Bigg Boss 9 watch online to see how these twins tackle each other in various stage of competition.


Bigg Boss 9 second promo  is more in testing then prior one, in which one guy is trying to dip the biscuit but stop by some external forced. Salman Khan feels wow while the bhai is peeping from an eye shape window and simply expressing the feeling with a message that “Trust me, ho jayega aapko isse lagao.”

Bigg Boss 9 third promo is about a girl who is trying to apply the lipsticks but it remains hard to continue Salman watches all this interseting acts through the door and laughs at the dilemma of the contestant while announcing double trouble!


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