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Bigg Boss finalist Rochelle Rao on beach with boyfriend Keith

By on February 3, 2016

Bigg Boss finalist Rochelle Maria Rao and her boyfriend Keith Sequeira, who had enter the ninth period of the contentious realism show jointly, seem to have come out of the house with a stronger bond.

Rochelle and Keith gain fame on the show with their love and chemistry they obsessed for each other. Their fans also named them as KeRo which the title that the couple holds at present thanks to Bigg Boss show.

The couple, who had intended for their much scheduled holiday in the Bigg Boss house, finally came to realism and they headed to their favorite purpose in Goa and are seen expenditure quality time with each other.

The couple has been redistribution pictures from their holiday on their Instagram and can be seen enjoying Goa’s beach life with the gentle sunlight.

Post Bigg Boss 9, Rochelle Rao and Keith Sequeira have full time off to holiday in Goa. They might have not won the cup, but they definitely manage to win spectators hearts who tagged them as #KeRo. The couple has even admit that the bond between the two has only gotten stronger after Bigg Boss.

In her fresh interview to India Today, Rochelle talked about how the show in fact made her know Keith better.


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