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Bigg Boss 9 news:How bumpy rides get dirty with Priya Malik

By on November 29, 2015

The weekend episode of  Bigg  Boss 9 — will see host Sallu declaring the name of the evicted contestant on Sunday. The show has been getting hot day by day with the contestants irritating to outdo each other during the tasks assigned to them.

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Rimi Sen’s unbiased approach towards the Bigg Boss 9 House, which has irked fans, seems to have got the better of Bigg Boss, who opened the main door of the house and asked participants to leave if they thought they had dedicated a mistake by incoming the show. Wild card entrant Rishabh Sinha uses the opportunity to ask the Bollywood actress to leave the house as this was in fact a dream-come-true situation for her.

Priya Malik isn’t precisely the most likeable contestant inside the house. This is an dryness. Priya refuses to woo the viewers with her presence even outside the house. She is a hybrid who has Mandana’s aptitude to annoy, Kishwar’s power to shout on top of her say and Rochelle’s overly excited natural world. She has solitary handedly dissolve the groups inside the house and made it a Priya vs the housemates match. Digangana and Rishabh appear to be the only two who seem to understand her.

After lament reverse discrimination yesterday, Priya forgive Kanwaljeet today. Saying that as fashionable himself belonged to a alternative (from the LGBTQ community), he needed to realize the need to be responsive and thoughtful in his statement. Not long before forgiving one housemate, she picked a fight with another, or should we say ‘others’. Rochelle and Suyyash entered into a loud argument with Priya, telling her not to jump into people’s conversations.

Bigg Boss in the show tonight will leave the doors open charitable contestant a chance to walk out of the show, main contestant being Rimi Sen. But wait, Rimi won’t walk out of the show tonight.

Despite cribbing that she is not interested in the show and wants to go home, Rimi won’t step out of the show.

What might be the reason behind it?

For Rimi what matters the most is her bank balance. That’s what she often refers to in the show.


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