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Bigg Boss 9 News: Why ‘inactive’ Rimi Sen is still in Bigg Boss 9

By on November 26, 2015

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Mumbai: BB9 is still under pressure to get TRPs. The contestants of the contentious show are leave-taking no stone unturned to make the show popular, but one of its most known contestants, Rimi Sen has been the main dissatisfaction to viewers.

Despite Rimi not adding anything on the show, the makers are not evict her. Here’s the reason which revealed why the actress has survive the evictions.

We had already informed you that she has been paid a whopping Rs 2 crore aprox as signing sum whereas the other contestants have been merely paid in lakhs.

But latest reports say that Bigg Boss makers have signed a divide contract with ‘in-active’ Rimi in which it has been obviously stated that if she gets evicted by the usual process then she would keep the entire amount (Rs 2 Crore) to herself.

Audience who has watched all the Bigg Boss seasons will agree when we say that the show usually evicts the most inactive member every week. But with Bigg Boss 9, the channel seems to have taken a different approach.

Why? Rimi Sen who’s had a laid-back attitude right from the beginning of the season has survived the evictions for over six weeks consecutively.


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