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Bigg Boss 9 News ; Priya Malik to publicly insult Rimi Sen?

By on November 24, 2015

The ratings for BB9 this year has been the lowest ever. Unhappily sufficient, the makers are leaving no mineral unturned to up the enthusiasm levels on the Reality show  bigg  boss 9 . But to no avail. At least up till now. Then they came up with an interesting plan. That of one more wild card entry.

The latest wild card entry who made her way into the house is former Australian Big Brother contestant Priya Malik. look to turn heads, she has already started a lot of fight inside the house. From lambasting Suyyash and Mandana to making plans of in public insulting few inmates, she has it all up her sleeves.

Another week has set in and it’s time for the nominations. Former Big Brother contestant priya malik  who’s enter the house a day back will be taking full charge of nomination this week.

Yes, Bigg Boss won’t be conduct the proposal procedure this week. in its place it will be Priya who will be seen grilling the contestants. She will put them through a scanner; ask them to nominate two people like it usually happens every Monday. But Priya malik will be seen blast a few of them for their behavior and will give everyone a reality check.

In the tonight’s episode you will see how Priya Malik discuss with the housemates that why are they sparing Kishwer and his boyfriend Suyyash who have been ruling all of them since day 1.

Later, Priya Malik openly says Kishwer Merchant that she has been bullying each and every contestant in the house since day 1 with Suyyash and Prince and that she needs to stop that from now. Making weird and shocking expressions, Kishwer gets down into an ugly argument with Priya. This is just a start, more yet to come!



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