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Bigg Boss 9 news: Mandana and Rochelle are Gautam Gulati’s favorites!

By on November 15, 2015

“Mandana and Rochelle are my favourite in the house say gautam gulati. They are both good looking girls, speak well, put efforts during tasks and also have virtue. They can’t take much nonsense and get angry easily. Mandana can win if she stops reacting.. She gets angry and become stubborn. Rochelle also has the character to go to the top,” Gautam told PTI New Delhi.

“I think Aman can give burly rivalry to Rochelle and Mandana. It wouldn’t be surprising if Aman wins the game. He went bald during a task and that’s a big thing for an actor.
That shows his devotion towards the demonstrate. Mandana, Rochelle and Aman should go till the end,” he said.

Gautam feels actress Kishwer Merchant “nags” a lot and as a watcher he does not enjoy that.

“I don’t have any private predicament with anyone. I don’t know many of them. But I don’t like how Kishwer nags. She screams while chatting and I don’t think that’s a good way to talk. Also, it is not nice to spit in someone’s drink. All this does not make you a hero.”

Also Salman Khan is not going to spare any of the contestants for their wrong behavior during the task, which made Bigg Boss to quit the task in the middle of the game. Journey all the limits, the contestants removed all the grudges and revenge on each other during the task which lead to physical attack on Kishwer when Mandana kicked on her abdomen.

Bigg Boss 9 will return with Salman Khan as the host for the expulsion special weekend where he will say publicly the name of the member who got the smallest amount number of public vote. After the bitter fight between Kishwer Merchant and Mandana Karimi during the comfort task, many fans are speculating that it might be the last week for the stressed TV actress.


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