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Bigg Boss 9 News: Digangana Suryavanshi evicted, says happy to be out

By on December 8, 2015

Bigg Boss 9 contestant were very forceful when it came to having their say on Monday: Digangana Suryavanshi must go even as they voted in the favor of Suyyash Rai. There is never a shortage of drama inside the Bigg Boss 9 house. More so on this Monday when Bigg Boss served eviction with a twist.

In the latest episode, Digangana was eliminate based on the vote from the other inmate as voting was closed for spectators. To add to the drama, she was sent to the ‘secret room’ inside the house, and everyone assumed she was the one ‘eliminated’ from the show. Digangana, however, was still approximately: Bigg Boss let her hear all the other contestant were saying about her from the secret room.

On the basis of housemate’s votes, Digangana got expelled as the voting lines for the spectators were closed this week. Priya Malik, the captain of the house was asked to propose two people and she nominated Suyyash and Digangana.

This time all the contestants got the chance to be the part of the nominations, but only Mandana was not allowable to propose. We exclusively reveal that 4 contestants are nominated for this week’s eviction after Digangana Suryavanshi’s exit.

Just after her eviction, rumors started taking rounds that the reason behind her expulsion was her parents as they created a scene with the production house. But it seems the rumors’ are unfounded and wrong as the reason behind Digangana’s exit was something else.

It was obvious that the housemates wanted Digangana to be out of the house as Suyyash Rai have good rapport and support of other inmates. Also, earlier we had wholly revealed that the delicate darling was also suffering from Typhoid and hence this might be the reason for her exit too.

Suryavanshi had been custody unwell for many days, while inside the house. She was not performing in any of the luxury tasks or even captaincy challenges due to her ill-health. As it was being seen, she had been a drab and was not giving much content to the show.

What has however come as a shocker is host Salman Khan’s alleged disappointment over Digangana’s eviction from the show. Reportedly, Salman Khan has maintained his views saying that if the eviction was done according to the audiences’ choice then Suyyash Rai would have been out of the house and not Digangana.



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