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Bigg Boss 9 News: After Nora Fatehi, Suyyash Rai is eliminated this week!

By on January 4, 2016

Mumbai: Nora Fatehi is a “little let down” with her expulsion from Bigg Boss 9 but the model-actor is not giving up on her budding connection with Prince Narula. The two were fellow contestants on the hot reality show.

Prince had prospect to Nora inside the house, offering flowers and a ring just days before she was voted out of the game on Saturday, January 2. Talking about Prince, she told Hindustan Times, “It is not a relationship yet.


Both of us like each other. public made it look like I was date him but it’s not like that. I have told Prince that I would like to meet him outside the house and get to know what kind of a person he is.”

Talking about her expulsion, Nora said, “I was fully ready for the eviction. It’s okay as I did what I wanted to. I displayed my talent whenever I got an chance.

I spoken my opinion about rights and wrong inside the house and I am happy I did all of that. I had a bad fight with Rishabh and I will be sorry that. I don’t like hostility but things happen in the heat of the moment inside the house.”

Remember how we had predicted that Suyyash might be the one who will be eliminated this week? And that has eventually come true.


While Salman Khan announce that there will be a shock double eviction this week, housemates were stunned. And Nora Fatehi was the first one to be evicted from the house. Who was next? Suyyash Rai!

Suyyash and Nora were chosen this week and the two could hardly win over the audience. Last week too, we had told you how Suyyash was saved at the last moment when the makers determined to club two weeks’ voting process and carry forward the votes.

Not Gizelle but Suyyash would have walked out had the eviction not been late for that particular week.



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