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Bigg Boss 9 House now turns into a combat zone!

By on October 28, 2015

With Shiva’s Taandav song playing as the get up call, the Bigg Boss 9 inmate are certain that a dramatic day would ensue. As in addition to the previous night’s Bhavishyavaani task, Suyyash reiterates Rochelle’s statement on how the Bigg Boss9 house is a fake world hinting towards Prince.

Hearing him out, Vikas advices Suyyash not break ties with Prince under any situation.
The buzzer rings and Suyyash and Prince correspondingly take their cue and head to update their statuses. The first subtle sign of cracks is visible when Prince tells controller Kishwer that he is announce his status, as per instructions on the task letter. Kishwer tries to make a point about how he is not required to do that for the first status update.

As the day progress, the task gets deep with every passing minute and a war of words between Kishwer and Aman leads to a ripple effect. Using their right to question either of the candidate, Keith asks Prince about ganging up with Suyyash and Kishwer and if that will still happen if he become the head.
On the other hand, Rochelle question Suyyash’s status turning around fights. Later, Aman asks Suyyash on why he felt that Aman was negative in any way. mitigating himself, Aman claims that he even made a sacrifice by nominating himself over his girlfriend Kishwer.
Hearing her name, Kishwer jumps into the conversation and defends her better half by saying that Aman only sacrifice his safety because Kishwer sacrificed her luggage! Aman asks Kishwer to stay out of his conversation with Suyyash because she is the supervisor and cannot defend either of the candidates. Kishwer retorts angrily by saying that she can do whatever she wants because she is the captain of the house.




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