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Bigg Boss 9 House: Nominations, Rishabh Sinha’s Wild Card entry

By on November 3, 2015

Waking up to Rishabh Sinha making a grand wild card entry, the Bigg Boss 9 inmates are secure that Double Trouble time has indeed begun for them. Claim that he is the biggest fan of Bigg Boss, Rishabh Sinha tells the housemates that it is now time for stroke and tehelka.

When asked by the housemates what he does for a living, Rishabh Sinha says, “Mein kamaal karta hoon!” And really, the house saw some good, ol’ drama.

Igangana spills the beans to the rest of the inmates about her past with Rishabh Sinha. She reveals that they were a part of a same fiction show and his intoxicated tricks led to her quitting the Reality show Bigg Boss 9.

Taking Rishabh’s words sincerely, Mandana tells Rochelle and Keith that she would like to express thanks them for taking care of her when she was in necessitate. harmfully, this leads to a major fight between Rochelle and Mandana where Rochelle breaks down and calls Mandana a politician. afterward, she instructs boyfriend Keith to not talk to Mandana and maintain a coldness.

Sitting in the sky lounge, Mandana bonds with Rishabh and enquires about all the events that have been taking place behind her back.

In the evening, Rimi asks Rishabh if she is getting any footage when Rishabh tells her that she should seriously consider not speaking against Bigg Boss. Giving a viewer’s viewpoint, Rishabh tells Kishwer that he does not like her at all.

Not too happy with Rishabh’s entry in the house, the housemates are seen expressing their displeasure and saying that how he is playing a safe game. Rishabh and Mandana are seen bonding with each other while other housemates look forward to of whether their acquaintance will last or end soon.


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