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Bigg Boss 9 House Contestant Suyyash Rai’s Confession: I Was A Gigolo!

By on October 29, 2015

Bigg Boss 9’s show man Suyyash Rai seems to be very happy with partner Kishwer Merchant in the house. But only just a sensational video of Suyyash went viral which has left his fans surprised! In a ‘reality’ film directed by RJ Anirudh Chawla, Suyyash exposed that he once had sex with a lady in Mumbai for money!

Did you know Suyyash Rai had sex for money?
While Suyyash Rai is busy making enemy inside the Bigg Boss house, the actor’s profession of worked as a gigolo during his struggling days has caught everyone’s attention.

A video featuring Suyash where he is seen talking about his life as a struggler, is a part of ‘Balls-India’s first reality film on sex’, directed by RJ Anirudh Chawla. In the video Suyyash has revealed that during his struggling days he once had sex with a lady in Mumbai for money.
RJ Anirudh, who has shooted  the video has been quoted saying in a News paper  report that according to the concept of his film 13 people including him were locked inside a room for three days. He further added that the idea behind the film is that these people talk openly about sex, desires, fantasy, domestic violence, casting couch and rape.

RJ Anirudh also stated that in the film Suyyash confessed of having worked as gigolo in his struggling days and it is reality a faced by many in the industry. Because you need money to sustain in the industry many people do this. Suyyash revealed that he worked as a male prostitute and was paid a pretty good amount of 40,000 from a lady, said Anirudh.


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