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Bigg Boss 9 Grand Finale, Finale, Winner, Leaked, Poll, Controversy

By on January 18, 2016

Reality show Bigg Boss 9 is little bit close to grand finale episode and the housemates have geared up to protected their place in top 3. After Prince Narula was passed for the finale week of the Bigg Boss 9 Show, other contestants-  mandana karimi and Rishabh Sinha are fighting to enter grand finale.


Bigg Boss 9 show is in its last weeks, and in order to bring the cut gullet rivalry to be in the finale, Bigg Boss introduce Imam Siddique on the show. Known for his weird behavior, Imam Siddique insolvent the peace of the housemates by his old tricks.

As Bigg Boss 9 is proceeding towards the end, the fight is becoming tough and moreover anything, they had to face the challenges given by Imam Siddique to enter the grand finale. This week must have been the worst nightmare for the housemates, as Imam Siddique grilled everyone in back to back tasks.


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