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Bigg Boss 9, Full Episode-51, December 1st 2015, Night Drama

By on December 2, 2015

The 50th episode of Bigg Boss 9 double trouble had som much of trouble for the contestants. We saw that all of them were asked to do a task in order to win back the 10Lacs of the amount that Digangana, Prince, and Suyyash lost in the starting of the show for their bags. Bigg Boss gave them another chance to win the money back by doing a task.

Prince was right when he talked about Rimi.She was most genuine person on BB. People criticize her so many time but she never said a single bad word to any one.May be she is not good for BB that does not mean she is not a good or lazy person.

Housemates several time tried to attack her but every time she was calm and not spoke a single word to attack back anyone, as everybody knows no one can fake in BB so RIMI went out as she came in . Dont judge Rimi on basis of BB. I hope good career for her.

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