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Bigg Boss 9: Aman turns thief for no reason at all

By on November 14, 2015

Friday’s episode is another reminder that Bigg Boss is all about petty fights: Mandana is upset once again, Aman steals chocolates and Rishabh is still asking Digangana to ‘fight for herslef’. Mandana and Rochelle discuss their performances and Rochelle says that she did not like the criticism her performance drew. Mandana tells her that she has become an object of ridicule inside the house and she does not like it either.

Rishabh then delegates household chores to the housemates. He assigns the duty of cleaning the utensils to Rimi, cooking to Prince and Suyash, cleaning the kitchen to Digangna and Kishwer, cleaning of the living room and garden to Aman and Puneet and cleaning the bathroom to Mandana and Rochelle. Mandana is supposed to set the bedroom and clean the carpet, but Mandana shuns work claiming to have a back pain.


She adds that if she misplaces anything by mistake while cleaning the beds, it will lead to unnecessary fights. Rishabh later says that Mandana is refusing to work because she finds cleaning and mopping degrading. Prince agrees and says that she was the one to find his faults during the hotel task and now she is being inefficient in keeping the house clean. Tired of this blame game, Mandana revolts once again and removes her mic asking Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room.


Rishabh continues with his task of mentoring Digangana and advises her not to interfere in Mandana and Rochelle’s matter. Bigg Boss also announces captaincy task and Prince, Rochelle and Suyyash are set to fight for the title. In order to win the task, the contenders Prince, Rochelle and Suyyash are required to protect themselves from getting painted by the other housemates with the help of a shield. While the other housemates paint their t-shirts with a sponge placed on a stick, they have to stay inside a circle. As a rule, crossing the line would lead to disqualification.


The chocolates that the contestants received as Diwali gifts go missing from the house and Kishwer blames Rishabh for it. Rishabh in turn, blames Prince. Surprisingly, it is none of them: Aman tells Mandana and Rochelle that he’s hidden the chocolates and adds that he’s got sugar hidden away too.

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