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Bigg Boss 8 task for flight member to win the way of new house

By on September 30, 2014

Bigg Boss 8 task for flight member to win the way of new house:- Just One week is over and people are going to lose their temper. The happy family turns out to be two separate teams. The inmates get surprised to see the member of Secret Society-Deepshikha Nagpal and Preetam Singh.

Never know when the Bigg Boss brings twist in the schemes and plans, till now housemates are in a plane now they are going to get a home. This is the first time when Bigg Boss address the passengers directly. As we all know every rose has its thorn, so Bigg Boss announce a team task to flight member  to win the way of house.

Deepshika and Preetam are captain and others are divided into two teams. Deepshika pick Karishma, Diandra, Minisha, Sushant, Upen and Aarya; while Preetam opt Sukirti, Sony, Natasa, Puneet, Praneet and Gautam.

The name of task is “Hijack” where Preetam’s team  occupy the garden seat and Deepshikha’s team would torture them.
Deepshika’s team try everything to make them stand such as dirty brooms, mud, spices but not able to do that.

But after sometimes, Gautam start shouting on Tamanna and using abusing language as she apply chili powder on her face and the things went out of control and ultimately creating a war.

Later on, he begged in front of Karishma for forgiveness but she was not in mood to forgive him.
Though he pleaded and begged for forgiveness, Karishma was clearly not in a mood to show any mercy.

Drama will continue tomorrow as opposite team will compel the competitive team to leave the seat. The environment is going to be spicy let’s see are they able to maintain the positiveness in the house.


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