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Bigg Boss 8 IInd puzzle out: Salman Khan builds secrecy by flying a paper airplane (watch Live teaser)

By on August 23, 2014

Salman Khan knows very well how to make fascination and enjoyment among individuals.

After the release of first intro of Bigg Boss, a lot of rumors were created, but the second intro which has just launched has created it more strange.

It was predicted that the second intro will expose some concept of what Bigg Boss version 8 will be but it has develop more enigma over the concept.

We saw the scrambling acting professional preparing to fly an aircraft in the first intro of Bigg Boss 8. And now, in the second intro, the actor-host is seen creating a document aircraft in a very strange design.

The controversial show is always known for its traditional concepts, which keeps its audiences wondering as to what the show’s concept is all about, this season’s movie trailer has created us to think over its new concept.

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