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Bigg Boss 8 Grand Finale

By on July 18, 2014

The finale of the Bigg Boss is as grand as its first episode with the pomp fun and full of entertainment. As the final date of the show is decided since the start, the preparation begins several days before.

All the former participants of the season are invited for the finale. There are a number of performances done by the former participants and the finalists.  The night is grand like the award ceremonies and the final is usually aired for a long duration. There would be a bigg boss 2014 grand finale at the end of the season.

Usually there are three to four contestants on the final day and among them one wins the show.  On the bigg boss 2014 grand finale the winner would be chosen on the basis of the voting done by the public. The voting is done through missed calls, sms and online voting.

Adding the votes from all the mediums the winner is decided. The winner is rewarded with a trophy and a handsome winning amount. The show has always offered great entertainment for people and would remain to do so in the further seasons. For more information, visit our website on a regular basis.


Bigg Boss 2014 Grand Finale fh1


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