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Bigg Boss 8: full of entertainment and Drama!

By on October 4, 2014

Bigg Boss 8 morning is pleasant as always and it is now 12th day. The flight gets replaced by beautiful garden with attractive features like swimming pool, gym area, and coffee table. The inmates are quite exciting to see the new house and enjoying the beautiful sceneries and pleasant atmosphere. The garden is full of eye-catching lightning, beach benches and beautiful varieties of flower.

All over enjoying the good-looking house but they are not known that their mood is going to swing with an announcement.   Bigg Boss announces a task and name of task is “Xpose”, color of faces get fades when housemates see Sonali back.

However, Sonali has to lineup all contestant as per her perception what see watched when she was away from Bigg Boss house. It look simple but the main thing is that what other thought when she gave them number.


Are you happy with sonali re – entry? Is it justified with other contestants?


But, it was her right as she is not able to enjoy the luxurious life of Bigg Boss house for a single day. And, re-entry is quite common in reality show and Bigg Boss also follows the same concept.



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