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Bigg Boss 8 Controversy

By on July 15, 2014

Controversies are an inevitable part of the Bigg Boss, and have continued since the season one. In the last season there was a major fight between Kushal and Andy, after which Kushal was ordered to leave the house.

During the season 2 of the Bigg Boss, Rahul Mahajan along with some other participants left the house without the permission of the Bigg Boss.  Usually the participants who have controversial image tend to stay till a longer duration in the house.

Nothing could be said about bigg boss 2014 controversy now, but there would be some or other news that would make headlines once the show starts.

Many of the contestants who were evicted from the show, but had controversial image were brought back to the show. This was all done to increase the TRO of the show and encash the controversial image. Pooja Bedi, Dolly Bindra, Kamal R Khan, Raja Choudhary, Shabhavna Seth and Rahul Mahajan are among some of the most controversial celebrities from all the seasons.

Whenever the bigg boss 2014 controversy will come, the TRP of the show would increase automatically and this is what the makers of the show expect from all the celebrities.

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