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Bigg Boss 8: A wild card entry of British star Shanti Dynamite as inmates!

By on October 31, 2014

In the starting of Bigg Boss season 8, buzz declares that a hot star Shanti Dynamite is going to burn the fire on the floor of reality show. With Ali Quli Mirza, as wild card entry, most of the people lose their hope to see her on the show.

However, initial two weeks are quite boring and flights seem like least entertaining than prior season. But down the real game start, Praneet Bhatt bleached his eyebrow for the game. Gautam and Sonali are acting as love birds.

What to say about the drama bazzi of Gautam at every moment. He is in picture from starting and never loses a single moment to catch the attraction of audience.

As per the little birdie, Shanti Dynamite is going to come within a week with second wild card entry.


As we all know it is TRP stunt and when the makers and producers feel that TRP is rolling doen they announce a wild card entry. But, one thing is sure that definitely she add ups oomph factor, nowadays, what a show is lacking.

Prior Sunny Leone act as sultriest bomb’s entry to attract the audience and now producer are waiting to open their most important card to attract the eyeballs.

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